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I'm finally doing it! An entire 12 week Art Camp course dedicated to everything I know about painting amazing, epic landscapes. :) Head on over to the new to learn more about the course and sign up today!


To my fellow artists, creatives, illustrators, and concept designers,

Do not work for less than minimum wage.

Companies like Fantasy Flight Games ask artists to do a fully painted illustration and sign away nearly all rights to that piece for just $100. That is rude, disgraceful, and downright wrong. We need to bring this to light so it can stop.

For a company pulling in tens of millions of dollars in revenue annually, surely they are capable of paying their freelance artists a reasonable rate.

$100, assuming the average artist will take around 15 hours to complete the work (factoring in communication, research, revisions, actual painting, and invoicing), will earn the artist somewhere around $7/hour, less than the current US federal minimum wage.

Read the rest of the article here:…
Nearly 50 hours of art lectures, all available in one neat package:

Thanks for your support!

I just posted up a long (and I mean LONG) post on how I became an artist, including about 150 images made over the last 12 years. It's a comprehensive look at how I got to where I am today. Go here to read it now:…
I'm very excited to open my first in-person event to sign-ups. A bunch of incredible artists (Dan Luvisi! Justin Sweet! More!) and I are heading to San Francisco and Yosemite this summer for an art & nature workshop. Come hang out in the mountains and make art and learn from the best artists around.

Applications are open today--space is limited:

Hit me up on twitter if you have any questions:

A Place to Call Home by noahbradley
Yes, after a million years of waiting, you can finally download my brushes. For free.

Head on over to to get them now (just scroll to the bottom for the link). Hope you enjoy!

The Road That Led Us Here by noahbradley
So I'm trying something new. I thought I'd try my hand at writing a short story. It was an absolute blast to do and I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think:…

And yes, it's from my project, The Sin of Man.
I am unbelievably thrilled to announce that I'll be running my first ever in-person event with Adam Paquette and Sterling Hundley. Legendeer California is part regular convention (with all of the lectures, demos, and socializing you might expect) and part week long hiking/camping/painting expedition. It's a unique event and is something we're all immensely passionate about.

Find out more here:
Wrote a new article on an issue that's been bothering me for a long time. Go read it and let me know what you think:…


Art Camp is here.

I'm extremely excited to launch a brand new Art Camp today.

In addition to the first Art Camp program that has already helped hundreds of students, there's now Art Camp 2: an alternate track of material with a similar focus on honing your fundamental art skills. You don't need to take Art Camp 1 before you take 2. You can even sign up for both at the same time.

A couple of the new features in Art Camp include a private forum and a host of professional artists giving regular critiques (Sean Murray, Randy Gallegos, Tristan Elwell, and Adam Paquette, to name a few). I can't tell you how excited I am to get started.

As always, I really appreciate it if you share and tell your friends about Art Camp. After you register you'll have access to an affiliate program I've set up. Refer friends to Art Camp with your referral url and get $25 for each person that signs up.

Art Camp starts May 21Registration opens today.

Let's learn together.

Noah Bradley
I'm extremely proud and excited to launch my new downloadable lecture, The Art of Being Noah Bradley. Learn more about it here:
I quit freelancing:…

The good news is that this means much, much more personal work. I'm working on creating my own world. I try to keep most of my DA postings as just finished paintings, though. If you're interested in seeing more sketches and thoughts behind this project, I encourage you to follow me on one of these other sites:

Thanks--I'm excited to see where this journey takes me!
Starting at 6pm EST I'm doing a live chat with Chris Oatley. Come watch here:

Hope to see you there!
I love it.

Last week I purchased a Yiynova MSP19U, a 19″ pressure-sensitive tablet monitor. After the fantastic review by Frenden this tablet monitor has gotten a lot of internet attention. Wacom has utterly dominated the field, leaving little room for competitors. But there's a new kid on the block.

The MSP19U is a worthy competitor. It's not perfect. But it's darn good.


It's not the greatest presentation. If you're looking for a slick, Apple-like packaging… look elsewhere. All you'll get here is simple instructions with more Engrish than you can shake a stick at.


The device itself is great. It's sturdy, well-constructed and has a nice screen on it. It's more lightweight and portable than any Cintiq I've used. I was quite comfortable sitting on my bed with this thing in my lap. I'm pretty sure a Cintiq would have crushed my pelvis.

I like the colors better than any Cintiq I've used. I've found Cintiqs to have unusually dull colors (even when calibrated). The MSP19U is bright and vibrant. It leans a bit cool in color (and a tad light) out of the box, but nothing a little calibration can't fix.

The surface is glassy smooth. Personally, I like this better than the faux-grit that a lot of current Wacom tablets have. If you really want to put some grit on the screen, you can always add a screen protector.

There are no buttons on the device. Word has it that the next generation device they're producing will have them, but this one didn't. I'm ok with that. I've never used the buttons on my Intuos and I don't have any need to start. I prefer key commands on my keyboard—they're faster and more reliable.

The viewing angles aren't great. But I find when working on a tablet monitor you're more likely to be looking directly at it than at a traditional monitor.


The drivers are a bit problematic and the software interface is kinda ugly. But not a big deal. I was able to get it working quickly. And once you get it working there's little need to touch the software again. I do wish I had more customization on the pressure-sensitivity, but I'm sure that will come as the company improves their software.


It's not a flawless piece of hardware, but I absolutely love this thing. And I haven't even mentioned the price: at $600, this is a steal. To get a Wacom product of similar quality, you'd be looking at 2-4x that price.

I'm not going to tell you that the Yiynova MSP19U is better than a Wacom Cintiq. But I will tell you that it's every bit as good. If you're in the market for a tablet monitor and prefer to not spend money for the sake of spending money, buy one of these. You won't regret it.

Purchase a Yiynova MSP19U:…

4.5/5 stars
I'm doing a 12 week self-directed online course this summer focused on improving your art skills. If you're desperate to get better but aren't sure how to do that, this course is for you. Learn more here:
Today at 6pm EST I'm interviewing fellow concept artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur Darren Yeow. He's an incredibly smart guy and I'm thrilled to hear what he has to say about making it as a professional artist. There will be a lot of invaluable information in this so I hope you don't miss out.

To watch the free, live broadcast, go here:
Tomorrow at noon EST I will be doing a live Q&A on freelancing and being an artist. RSVP to the event on facebook now:…

Go here tomorrow at noon EST:

See you there!
I mainly use DA for posting my finished work. But I also post a lot of my sketches and process work online. If you're interested in checking that stuff how, you've got a couple options. First, follow my page on Facebook:

Or follow me on Twitter:

Looking forward to connecting with y'all on other sites as well! :)
If anyone's interested in asking me questions about... well, anything at all: go and check out my AMA.…

Let your redditor friends know!
1. All orders for The Art of Freelancing today will also come with free download links of my entire livestreaming collection. That's about 20 hours of content.

2. All orders of my livestream recordings will come with free download links for two not-otherwise-available videos.…

3. All orders from my store will come with a free not-otherwise-available video.